A new challenge this week…Virtual Directions and Parking!

I, like any good VA, have done my homework on where my client’s office is located in the city; I printed off the driving directions from major thoroughfares; and I researched my client’s website “directions page”.

When a client of my client, whom I’ll call Mr. Doe, phoned to let me know that he dropped off the documents associated with his upcoming meeting; I thought, “Great!” the directions I gave helped him find the drop off container without problem. A rather nice feeling since my office and my client’s office are half way across the country.

Mr. Doe talks about parking. I explain the cross streets, which street the drive is off, and what type of office door to look for; I go to the website “directions page” while going through my notes regarding the property so I’m sure I’m giving the correct information.

Mr. Doe then mentions that when walked around the property he could not discern which door was the office door. Okay…I have a picture of the office door! He continues by saying that while he was searching for the office door, he found all the doors he tried locked the day before. Yep! My client is traveling out of town. I think I am doing okay!

But, then, the hammer falls… Mr. Doe wants to know where I park my vehicle!

I am quiet, for just a moment, thinking how to I answer this question. I refuse to insult my integrity by being dishonest, so, I explain to Mr. Doe that I work virtually for my client and that I do not park a vehicle anywhere around the property. He takes this explanation well, and we end the conversation on a good note.

Afterward I think, “Did my client want their clients to know that they utilize a Virtual Assistant?” “What truly is the difference between an on-site Assistant and one who works virtually other than location?” My client must have thought of these same issues while deciding to utilize the services of a virtual assistant.

I am confident that I made the right decisions in handling the conversation with Mr. Doe. I’m a firm believer in the age ole’ adage, “it is better to be judged by twelve than to be carried by six”. Now I realize that may be a bit strong for this scenario, but I’m writing about my livelihood. I will stand behind my decision of telling Mr. Doe I work virtually and beg (yes, beg) for forgiveness if my decision is challenged. I shall keep you posted!

The response from client, was that we must work seamlessly if Mr. Doe thought I worked in the same office! What a relief!


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